"I can't thank you enough for the awesome speech you gave to our organization. You hit a home run."
Sylvia R. Neysmith, Senior Vice-President, Phillip Morris USA
  • Public Speaking   -  Learn more ->
  • Individual Confidential Coaching to identify personal stumbling blocks and significantly enhance leadership development
  • Small Group Workshops focusing on decision-making, communication skills and motivational strategies

Clients learn to build highly engaged staffs and successful, adaptive individual careers, both based on the strong underpinning of excellent interpersonal relationships. Specifically -
  • Clients become brilliant motivators - significantly improving productivity, employee retention and team morale.
  • Clients polish sophisticated communication skills, allowing them to talk comfortably with their critics, to reduce staff conflict and to sweeten struggling customer relationships.
  • Clients gently identify and overcome those personality blind spots that interfere with their own ability to decide, to inspire and to lead.
  • Clients strategically evolve high profile personal brands while contributing significantly to their organizational team.
  • Clients reduce procrastination, perfectionism and defensiveness - the three great enemies of productivity and innovation.
  • Clients become emotional leaders, making them personally less vulnerable to the sweeping stress of looming cutbacks, workload intensity, and general strategic uncertainty. As managers, they are better able to identify, support, and motivate an insecure or overwhelmed staff.


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